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Our professional rig welding services Company in Edmonton has the ability to handle your welding needs. All welding services provided are completed by Alberta Journeyman ticketed welders. Supervision and on site job expertise is provided by in house CWB welding inspectors and knowledgeable engineering staff.


Quality Work

Quality of work begins with starting the job on the right foot. With an ISO registered QA system, NTI projects begin with skilled management. All the details matter, from ordering the proper materials to incoming inspections, using qualified weld procedures and calibrated equipment, etc. all while following our ISO 9001 quality control procedures. NTI has the right experience and equipment for the specific job, whether you need, MIG welding, SMAW, GMAW, Aluminium, Pressure Piping, or a job using custom materials.



All safety tickets of personnel are up to date and in compliance with provincial safety regulations in Western Canada. Safety is a priority both in the field and in the shop environment.


High Pressure Piping

NTI can provide you with a complete high pressure piping system from the pumps to the gooseneck on your rig. Utilizing 4” XXH or 5” XXH pipe we can provide you a complete piping system rated and certified ranging from 5,000psi to 10,000psi. Our Welding Services Company in Edmonton have integrated design and fabrication with engineers trained to ASME B31.3 / CSA B51, weld procedures qualified to ASME Sect IX, and welders’ qualification records. Our personnel has experience with pressure piping failure analysis – knowledge that has improved our in house design and fabrication processes.