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Nelsen Technologies is an Oilfield Services Company in Edmonton, AB that covers a wide variety of projects and services related to land-based drilling rigs and drilling equipment. Our business facility operates from Leduc, AB and includes both a corporate and a manufacturing facility. Nelsen Technologies has completed numerous upgrades and refurbishments to oil drilling rigs and their component parts. We improve drilling rigs to aid in performing more efficiently, allowing them to contribute to the growth and value of the business even at unpredictable times.

To help our clients manage the complexity that is associated with the oil industry, we incorporate distinctive solutions to our advisory work, ranging from tools and components that are built to deliver enhanced performance; to proprietary market models that work well to support strategy planning and development.

Scope of our work

  • Design & development of new oil drilling rigs and its components.
  • Oil rig upgrades, refurbishment, and recertification.
  • Engineering and fabrication of high-pressure piping and machined items.
  • Welding &machining of oil rig components.
  • Drilling rig and equipment inspections.

What makes us a leader?

  • We are resourceful We use advanced technology and a highly skilled workforce to match the uprising demands of the drilling industry. We utilize the latest and greatest technology to provide tailor-made solutions in engineering and design.
  • We follow industry standard health, safety, and environmental proceduresThe oilfield industry demands strict safety standards as employees work in dynamic temperatures and high-pressure environments. As a credible oilfield services company, we make safety a priority to protect our workers. We use specialized equipment and conduct frequent employee training programs, which ensure our successful operation.We have certified and experienced team members who can safely and effectively operate in all environments, including high-risk environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and high concentrations of dangerous gas.
  • We easily adapt to change The oilfield services industry is a hyper-competitive business, which also encourages entrepreneurship. We continuously improve our operational excellence, product and service excellence, as well as customer service. We make it possible by supplying a great balance of quality, price, and ease of purchase in delivering the best product and services on time.As an oilfield services company in Edmonton, we utilize our expertise in the marketplace to acknowledge the future needs of the industry. We are highly focused on adapting as the industry inevitably evolves.
  • We make cost-effectiveness a priorityWe aim to provide cost-effective solutions to all of our projects. This helps to limit downtime and improve the reliability, safety and environmental impacts of drilling operations. Our critical oil rig equipment inspection service is cost-effective. It is also a quick turnaround inspection process aimed at assessing drilling capital, examining safety critical equipment and highlighting rig condition or any major problems that threaten the rig.

NTI Strategy

At Nelsen Technologies, the decisions we make on technology, investment and infrastructure are keys to our success.
Our strategy is based on:

  • A long-term approach to every job.
  • A clear insight on the needs of the market and clients.
  • Our growth in land drilling rig design, development, maintenance and after-sales service activities.
  • Our technical expertise and first-class project management capabilities.
  • Our ability to make successful rig fabrication using the top proven partners.
  • Identifying and executing accretive acquisition opportunities.
  • The alignment of our knowledge and expertise with our growth strategy.

Nelsen Technologies has the following accreditation:

  • APEGA – The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.
  • CWB – Canadian Welding Bureau.
  • ISO 9001- Quality Management System.